"Eventually over time, we all become our own doppelgangers, these completely different people who just happen to look like us." - Ted Mosby (2010)


Potato Mcfries

Scrolling through old pictures of some pretty girl he was stalking, “the man” accidentally liked a 5 week old picture. Panicked and ashamed he raced to the airport and left for Switzerland. He decided to live a new life, be a new man. Taking the name Potato Mcfries he had a quiet, shame free week in Switzerland. BUTT one day he saw a red plump Tomato, her name was Tomato Ketchup. It was love at first sight. He went up to her clumsily like a penguin, slowly but steadily easing his way to her. They fell in love with each other and got married. After two wonderful weeks of marriage Potato made a grave mistake. Having slept with Tomato’s twin sister, Banana Ketchup. Unknowingly getting in bed the night before he didn’t realize that it was Banana and Banana being the slut she is had sex with Potato knowing that it’s going to ruin Tomato and Potato’s marriage. Horrified by what Potato had done Tomato left for her father’s castle, Heinz. Knowing the horror that is the power of Tomato’s father Heinz, in Switzerland. Potato called for his ex-navy brother; Hash Brown Mcfries to act as his backup for the upcoming fight to get his wife back. Loaded and geared up the two headed for Castle Heinz on top of Mt. Lycopene. Located in a ravine on top the mountain the two reached the castle. The draw bridge was lowered and as soon as the wooden tip touched the icy mountain ground, shots were fired from the castle. The two raced inside the castles courtyard shooting at every cherry tomato they see[the goons of the Tomato world] As they headed inside more goons were waiting for them aimed and ready to fire. Hash Brown Mcfries was pissed and jet lagged, from his backpack he took a rocket launcher and aimed at the largest point of gathering if the goons and blasted them to tomato hell. He prompted Potato to go on ahead saying he can handle the rest of the cherry tomato goons. Potato headed for the throne room knowing that Heinz would be there and hoping that his Tomato would also be there. A pistol in hand he kicked the giant door open and aimed at the fat tomato sitting on the center of the room only to realize that what he saw was Heinz’s dead body. Confused, Potato lowered his gun and got shot from behind. Upon looking at the shooters face he realized that it was his precious Tomato. Tomato explained that everything was planned from the moment Tomato saw Potato, that she never truly loved him and that Banana was in on the whole thing. Crushed, Potato lied on the blood covered floor of the throne room asking Tomato to end his misery. But she refused saying that she already has her father’s blood on her hands and doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore. As she turned around planning to leave Potato. There, standing in front of her was Hash Brown covered in tomato juice with a pistol aimed at her head. Without a second thought Hash Brown blew her brains to pieces. He walked towards his brother, helping Potato up the floor they headed for the nearest hospital to get Potato treated. Having left the castle premises and walking in the freezing mountain trails unknown to the two they were being watched by Banana Ketchup from the castle tower.